Shuffle- Gotye edition

Artist: Gotye

Song/Album: Making Mirrors

Date Released: August 19, 2011

Genre: Indie Rock/Pop

How I heard about Gotye:  You may think I’m just jumping on the bandwagon really really really late.  But you would be wrong.  I’ve intentionally saved Gotye for today because I’m going to his concert tonight at The Ryman , and I couldn’t be more excited.

I first heard his music when either Dave Barnes or Matt Wertz retweeted the video for his break out hit “Somebody That I used to Know”.  I liked it and quickly listened to the rest of the album.  I beg of you, check out the whole album.  Don’t let the over playing of “Somebody” keep you from listening to the rest of Making Mirrors.  There is so much diversity and creativity in it.  None of the songs are filler.  Take the time to watch the video below.  It shows how much artistry is put into each song.   

What I like: There are probably two things I appreciate most about Gotye: the diversity and the lyrics.  All kinds of sounds are on the album, everything from Turkish drum beats, to 70s organ synths, to autotuned vocals, to Taiwanese trumpets, and somehow it all makes sense. Actually, all of those sounds are just in one song.

My favorite lyric:

But it was like to stop consuming’s
to stop being human
And why’d I make a change if you won’t?
We’re all in the same boat
Staying afloat for the moment

Songs to check out: “Easy Way Out”, “Eyes Wide Open”,  “State of the Art”, “In Your Light”, and “Bronte”

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