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Artist: The Lumineers

Song/Album: “Dead Sea”/The Lumineers

Date Released: April 3, 2012

Genre: Folk Rock

How I heard about The Lumineers: I first heard their music thanks to my girlfriend.  She sent me a link to their song “Ho Hey” (It’s actually being played on Top 40 stations now. Which is awesome and kinda bizarre when it plays after Nicki Minaj).  I listened and liked it, but never checked out the band.  I think part of it was because there are so many similar bands coming out in the folk-rock-indie-singer/songwriter-what-have-you category, and I’ve become a little weary of them.

People kept raving about this album but I resisted.  That is, until “Dead Sea” came on while I was listening to one of my radio stations on Spotify.  The Lumineers won. I listened to the song like 20 times that day, and then the album a few times after that.  Now I am among the slew of their faithful fans.  If you have a chance to catch a show, you should.  Their live shows are supposed to be glorious.  Unfortunately, life got in the way both times they played here in the Nashville.  Hopefully I’ll catch them the next time they pass through.

What I like: I love the lyrics.  It’s not full of those trite love song clichés.  It has a unexpected but still relatable point of view.

My favorite lyric:

Yes, there are times we live for somebody else
Your father died and you decided to live
It for yourself you felt, you just felt it was time
And I’m glad, cause you with cats, that’s just not right