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Artist: Katie Herzig

Song/Album: Lost and Found/The Waking Sleep

Date Released: September 22, 2011

Genre: Singer/Songwriter

How I heard about Katie: She is a Nashville artist and a Mocha Club artist.  I’m sure it was one or both of these things that put her on my radar.

What I like: For starters, the lyrics and the music are a perfect fit.

It could be the theme song for this season of my life or maybe just life in general.  Some areas of my life have never felt so right while other areas feel completely disjointed.  I’m guessing this tension never really goes away.  The space between lost and found is what it means to be human, I think.  It’s nice to know that I can exist in both places simultaneously.  That’s where I am right now anyway, and this song says it so much better than I know how.  It says all of this and leaves the taste of hope on my lips after I’ve finished singing.

I also love the video.  The idea of looking for a glimpse of light is just part of being human I think.  Some say it’s fate, some coincidence, and on my more hopeful days I attribute this light to a loving Father.  No matter where we think our light is coming from, it’s something that we can all understand.

Also, that final chorus straight up soars.

What I don’t like: I have no complaints.


In my headphones

Artist: Dave Barnes

Song/Album: Stories to Tell

Date Released: March 13, 2012

Genre: Singer/Songwriter, Pop

How I heard about Dave: It was sometime in 2005 when I was avoiding writing a paper for Dr. Ruff. I was surfing this cool new site called Myspace. I ran across his site and have been listening ever since.

What I like: I was in a bad mood when I heard these tracks the first time, and only liked a couple of them. Upon getting plenty of sleep and adjusting my attitude, I’ve decided that I actually like every track. It’s a cd I can listen to all the way through with out skipping around.  His songwriting is just getting better, and I’m digging the more poppy sound for the most part.  I’m sure all of the songs will be a lot of fun to listen to live, too.

What I don’t like: The track “Mine to Love” has that cheesy Christian Pop vibe to it. It was actually the first track released on iTunes, so I’ve been able to warm up to it.  It doesn’t bother me anymore, but it’s still not my favorite.

Tracks to look out for: White Flag, Love Will Be Enough For Us, Seventeen, Stories to Tell, and Warm Heart in a Cold World

Here’s my favorite track from the album. If you like what you hear, head over to itunes, amazon, or spotify.


Listen Up

Artist: Andrew Belle

Song/Album: The Daylight

Date Released: February 28, 2012

Genre: Singer/Songwriter

How I heard it: I can’t remember how I found Andrew Belle. I’ve been listening to him since 2010. I think I found his stuff through the magic of social media. Facebook or Twitter. One of his artist friends tweeting about him probably. This is his newest release, and I like it a lot.

What I like: He has a interesting way of pronouncing his words, but not in a bad way. It keeps things fresh. Also, his music is understated.

What I don’t like: Sometimes it sounds like he is singing with a stuffy nose.